Best Internet...

...may be now wholly owned by Verio, but maybe it might be worth doing it over again.

Then again, maybe not.
All Your Customer Base Are Belong to Us!

In the meantime, check out the following archive of EFNET #best stuff. (password protected)
In case you don't know the password for the above link (or even if you do, you're better off reading Karl Mueller's fabulous Qu0TeS file
At one time, you could traceroute from, but the NTT/Verio redirect broke it, pity. But the Malch traceroute still works. It was more popular anyway, as for the longest time as listed his instead of Best's.
Read Livingston's (now a subsidiary of Lucent) case study on Best Internet.
And check out a panoramic view of Best NOC (you need Quicktime)
If you have more time, you can take a historical tour of Best hosted by Karl Mueller
PHEAR...this person is NOT affiliated with the old Best.
Here's information about this server and what it has to offer.

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